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How to Build Your Lean Startup Faster with Eric Ries

By Sean   /     Apr 15, 2015  /     Live  /     0 Comment

Subscribe to #SKIMLive on iTunes Subscribe to #SKIMLive on Stitcher If you’re interested in startups or an entrepreneur yourself, you’ve probably heard of Eric Ries. After founding his company IMVU, a 3D virtual avatar community which is now doing over $55M per year, Eric noticed there’s a huge amount of inefficiency in how founder were building […]

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How to Build Your Personal Brand From Scratch with Neil Patel

By Sean   /     Apr 07, 2015  /     Live  /     0 Comment

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher With no resources, experience, nor connections, Neil Patel started his entrepreneurship career at the age of 15, while he was still in highschool. While his first venture (a replica of the Monster job board website) failed, Neil kept going and built more businesses. Since then, […]

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How to Receive Positive Feedback With This One Simple Hack

By Sean   /     Apr 01, 2015  /     Personal Growth  /     0 Comment

Traditional surveys have been the go-to source for gathering feedback from your users. While it works for the sender, no one on the receiving end enjoys answering surveys. I want to share something today that will not only give you direct, continuous positive feedback from your users, but will also delight them. To top it […]

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7 Steps to Stop Trading Time for Money

By Sean   /     Mar 28, 2015  /     Personal Growth  /     0 Comment

We were all lied to. Growing up, we were sold the dream of following the traditional career path of working 50-hour weeks to receive our stable paycheck. Get in the office early, stay late, and even come in on weekends — then maybe, just maybe we’ll get a raise one day. Hopefully, if we worked “long” enough, […]

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