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lost my phone

17 Lessons I Learned After I Lost My Phone For 60 Days

By Sean   /     Jan 22, 2015  /     Life Lessons, Productivity  /     0 Comment

Like us on Facebook. We’ll love you forever.http://goertz-gutschein-map.com60 days ago, I lost my phone in Buenos Aires. It’s rather complicated and expensive to replace it, given the tax laws here in the South. So I did what I should have done many years ago, I went completely phoneless. That’s right, foreign country, continent, and no phone. […]

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personal branding

Top 11 Ways to Accelerate Your Personal Branding in 2015

By Sean   /     Jan 11, 2015  /     Career, Personal Brand  /     0 Comment

What have you done to get your name out there in 2014? Whether you’re looking to receive more opportunities, increase your salary/rate, and position yourself as a thoughtleader this year, investing in personal branding is critical to your success. Here are top 11 ways to take your personal branding to the next level in 2015. […]

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how to start a blog

How to Install WordPress Blog and Write Your First Post in 5 Minutes

By Sean   /     Jan 10, 2015  /     Online Marketing, Personal Brand  /     0 Comment

Do you have a message that you want to spread to the world? Are you an avid writer that loves sharing stories with others? Sounds to me like you’re a natural blogger. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, author, consultant, creative, or simply a dreamer looking to connect with like-minded thinkers, blogging is an excellent avenue to […]

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system for my goals

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work, and What You Can Do About It

By Sean   /     Jan 02, 2015  /     Career, Personal Growth, Productivity  /     0 Comment

We’ve arrived at the big one-five. 2014 has flown by, but it always seems this way when we enter a new year. The traditional way to start the new year is to set goals and resolutions for ourselves. According to research, only 8% of people manage to achieve their new years goals. Although it isn’t […]

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Traveling alone

32 Lessons You Learn Traveling Around The World Alone

By Sean   /     Dec 25, 2014  /     Life Lessons, Personal Growth  /     0 Comment

In the past 6 months, I went traveling around the world to different cities & countries including Paris, France; Munich, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cusco, Peru; NYC, USA; and more. All of these trips have been with me, myself, and I. People talk about how great travelling alone is, and why you need to try […]

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do what you love

3 Laws Explaining Why You Shouldn’t Do What You Love

By Sean   /     Dec 03, 2014  /     Career, Freedom, Personal Growth  /     0 Comment

There’s a lot of advice going around online these days telling people to do what you love, follow your childhood passions, and live happily ever after. I don’t agree with it.  I’ve been there, I’ve seen others, and it doesn’t work. You may be passionate about basketball, but the chances of you making it to the […]

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